This site for a single dwelling is situated in the mountains and has extensive glorious eastern to western views over the countryside for tens of miles.

Due to its location, the site is in a very rural area defined mainly by remote agricultural holdings and quarried land. The site in specific is within a farm cluster which is directly adjacent to the proposed site on the northern boundary. The project was to be conceived as an extension of the farm barns present and the design to reflect the materials found within the curtilage of the site.

The design took place in two linear forms cranked to create a shallow V to ensure all rooms had views over the terrain to the south. The blocks are a mixture of constructed natural stone and corrugated horizontal cladding painted dark grey to compliment the farm sheds. The stone walling to the entrance, which is also the rear elevation, provided a strong design feature with little fenestration. This restricted views out to the farm, and provides privacy for the family if any guests arrive. The main entrance to the dwelling is situated in between the crank of the building. This ensures guests enter into a restricted space, and upon crossing the threshold, an element of surprise opens up with the glazed wall and views directly over the views beyond.

The interaction of topography, along with the material expression and diverse architectural / agricultural mix provides a contemporary, yet traditional, architecture in the Sperrin mountains.