This site for a single dwelling is on the northern boundary of Kinloch Laggan, a natural loch in the Scottish Highlands. An elevated site overlooking the loch and Kinloch castle can be seen from across the loch with the mountainous scrub hillside surrounding the site.

The site is located in a very rural area with little other dwellings in sight. A steep shared access from the main road defines the plot and finishes at a neighbouring property, largely out of view. There is a natural steep rise in the site topography however the boundary treatment consists of mature vegetation permitting any views from the public road whilst surplus views are defined over the tree tops of the Loch.

The project is conceived as two simple rectilinear forms stacked at right angles to each other forming cantilevers and external balconies. The lower block is nestled into the scrub hillside and is cladded in stone to reflect the natural materials present on site which are seamlessly exposing themselves engaging with the landscape. The upper form is cladded in corten steel, a robust and aesthetically pleasing material which reflects the colour of the hillside during autumn season camouflaging the dwelling into the landscape.

The orientation of the building was intended to enhance the views but also provide shelter from the sites exposure of wind, rain and snow in the extreme conditions and harsh conditions in the highlands. Openings in the building forms are appended to take in the views and provide natural daylight to each internal function whilst carefully considering proportion and solid / glazed ratio.

The design interacts with the topography of the site and carefully selected materials express colour to respect the scrub hillside mixed with a diverse architectural style to create contemporary design in the Scottish Highlands.