This site already has an old existing cottage nestled close to the beach on the Termon Peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Co. Donegal, Ireland. The sites northerly boundary is the beach, which can only be accessed via the owners of the land and therefore is totally private.

The form of the existing cottage is that of single storey on a small rectangular footprint common of Irish vernacular buildings. There were several additions over time including flat roofs and lean to’s which are demolished to leave the existing cottage as it once would have been. The existing house had little accommodation and was small in footprint. The proposal brought the existing house up to modern day living standards and the internal layout was adapted. A contemporary extension was added to provide new living accommodation and master bedroom which does not seek to mimic the existing house in terms of architectural character. The extension took form in a fan like footprint directing views towards the beach surmounted by twisting monopitch roof forms. A glass link between the old and the new defined the separation of architectural languages.

The materials to the existing property did not change however the extension used localised timber cladding on the walls and roof. The lower ground floor was clad in exposed timber marked concrete for both aesthetics and buildability.

An additional feature to this project was the creation of a studio on the beach. This incorporated a hidden access point through the contours and vegetation from the main house leading to the studio. Once inside the studio the entire north face on the beach takes advantages of the views with the full height glazed structure. Simple in form with low impact massing buried into the landscape.