This house at Ravenscliff is a fine example of regency architecture situated in Co. Donegal.

Ravenscliff house first appears on the Griffith Valuation map [published c. 1857] however the original architect remains unknown. The dwelling is a 2 storey, split level over basement, 3 bay dwelling on a T shape plan on an east to west axis, with southern elevation having unique views over the Lough Foyle at the water’s edge.

Whilst the existing and internal fabric of the building has been altered to facilitate renovations through time, however the dwelling remains in a relatively acceptable condition to be conserved, extended and renovated.

The main objective for the proposal is to remove all adhoc extensions, that are not original to the dwelling. The proposal seeks to then create an infill extension to provide a new open plan living, kitchen and dining for modern day living standards with glorious views over Lough Foyle. The aim in doing so will create a much brighter, larger and comfortably living area for the owners of the dwelling in line with their brief and in a contrasting architectural style. This method of combining old and new architecture is very successful when designed carefully and implemented correctly on site.

Without intervention and modernisation, there is a risk the dwelling could become derelict and fall into disrepair. The main dwelling will be renovated and conserved to a very high specification to ensure the longevity in the built environment for present and future generations.