This single storey dwelling is nestled into the mountainside in the Inishowen Peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Trawbreaga Bay on the shores of Malin, Co. Donegal, Ireland. The site addresses the main road on a relatively square site orientated south / south west towards the waters.

The immediate context of the area is generally defined by detached dwellings sporadically clustered in a variety of architectural styles with extensive views towards the bay.  This defined plot sits within an existing cluster of dwellings and the stock proof fencing dictates the extents of the boundary. The site incorporates a natural steep rise in the topography naturally sloping towards the water and rising to the rear.

The dwelling is conceived mainly linear made up of 3 forms merged together following the contours on site to minimise impact. The forms have varying degrees of roof formations from a flat roof to a monopitch roof. The design of the house makes use of the sun orientation whilst protecting against the prevailing winds.

The materials employed are localised materials again found throughout Ireland keeping the palette of materials to a minimum over the design.