This project was the creation of a dwelling that appeared as a traditional home with a modern rear return. The dwelling will act as the home for the next generation of farmers on a family farm holding.

The dwelling is situated directly within the agricultural cluster and it was important views towards the farm were restricted and privacy retained to the southern rear garden. There are very little views out due to its immediate context and mature vegetation however the plantation and careful layout of the rear garden provided all the views and living space the brief required.

The main dwelling is a simple, 3 bay, sliding sash rectilinear form surmounted by a natural slate roof and yellow brick chimneys reminiscent of old rural dwellings. There is a small glimpse from the front elevation of a rear contemporary form clad in blackened timber and frameless glazing. This stark contrast is harmonious in architectural styles and the use of natural materials help blend the proposal into the mature vegetation currently on site.

The new contemporary form will sit in an harmonious contrast with the existing traditional property and will enhance the farmsteads appearance.