This site has quite a prominent location within the undulating hilly contours of the countryside. The site is in an area defined by large houses in a variety of architectural styles set within landscaped plots or around the arrangement of agricultural holdings.

This dwelling was conceived as a singular linear stonework masonry form with the ground floor being partly embedded into the landscape through use of retaining walls. Function and form are directed to the southerly aspect of the site also where the views are. A much smaller garage and gym block sits detached from the main dwelling however is directly engaging with the main dwelling.

Materials have been used for their robust and vernacular aesthetics. These are a combination of stone cladding to the lower ground expressing their presence as a growth from the earth, timber feature cladding and metal sheet cladding forming the walls and the roof over like that of an agricultural barn.

The language of this dwelling has enhanced the area creating an architectural mix within the locale.