This new home is located within an existing clachan of dwellings and is to be situated in the lands adjacent to the existing home of the clients’.

The neighbouring properties are all storey and a half so it was accepted this dwelling would take the same form. The house has a footprint which may be conceived as 2 main blocks running parallel, divided and joined by a middle block at right angles. Certain spaces of the house are single storey only whilst the rear block has a storey and a half element adorned with lead dormers, double doors and glass Juliet balconies overlooking the countryside.

Elevational treatment created sleek lines with the use of a simple refrained palette of materials such as pebble dash render, brick and timber features. The gables were pronounced with tall chimney stacks that ran flush with the external finish creating semi enclosed external living spaces.

The front block of the dwelling is orientated to create road frontage while the rear block takes advantage of the sun path creating designed spaces for outside living in privacy.