This dwelling is in a beautiful countryside setting outside Cultra. There is no other immediate context other than the natural rural environment. It is a bespoke two storey dwelling set at the end of a long driveway. 

The dwelling took form as a traditional period country manor house with a simple block form and protruding semi circular bays to the side elevations. The front porch provides a colonnaded entrance to the dwelling under a projecting first floor structure. The dwelling is elegantly symmetrical with appropriate proportions based on classical architecture mathematical ratios. Subtle ornamental external mouldings add grandeur and a decorative vocabulary common of a building of this architectural style. The windows are traditional sliding sash with a natural hipped roof slate completed with decorative gutters. 

With careful attention to detailing and use of traditional materials, this classical dwelling exudes luxury and would not look out of place in any Conservation Area or rural site.