Castle Craig

Castle Craig is an established addiction treatment centre in Scotland with acres of sophisticated grounds surrounded by vegetation and mature trees. They required an art studio located within the grounds of the castle for the occupants of the castle. 

This building is constructed one shipping container. The formation of shipping container does not differ from the thin rectilinear footprint however the facades were treated playfully to emanate the internal function of art. The unit is located within the mature trees on the estate with copper angled cladding panels which are aesthetically playful. This would coincide with the angled windows that are slotted in between the panels which provides plentiful views out of the studio to the calming environment. A front and rear porch of steel plates further emphasised the entrance and patio areas for additional peaceful enjoyment. A grass roof surmounts the building to integrate the container further into the landscape.

The studio compliments and add curiosity to the mature grounds of Castle Craig.